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"Effortless and single handedly move your caravan, big or small, by operating only 2 switches. It is powered by your caravan battery and permanently fitted to your caravan's wheels. This makes this the ideal tool to move any caravan without loosing your breath!" 

         Made by South Africans for South Africans

  • Ewik Caravan Mover on a Surfer
  • CaravanMoverSA1
    Ewik Caravan Mover D.I.Y Kit
  • Ewik Caravan Mover on a Sprite using the cantilever.

Caravan Mover Advantages:


Caravan Movers Controller

- We can install the complete Caravan Mover system on your premises.

- Saves Towing the caravan to and from installer.

- No need to unpack the caravan.

- D.I.Y Kits available.

- Full training and Operational Manual Included.

- Quality Workmanship is a high priority for us.

- Free Quotations.

This Caravan Mover is the one stop solution for real effortless and easy caravan moving. Get yours today! If you are still not convinced that this is the solution, See our page on what the experts say.

Videos in action!